War and Peace in the Quran

By • Dec 18th, 2023 • Category: Quran Study

Session 34. Islam’s critics often point to the “war passages” in the Quran to argue that Islam is a warlike religion- an obstacle to world peace. These critics typically confuse “peace” with “pacifism”. Pacifism requires a complete rejection of violence of any form. Peace, on the other hand, does not categorically negate the use of force in a situation when a community is attacked or victimized. This is the Quran’s position: it permits war exclusively in self-defense and in order to remove the obstacles to peace- not to conquer or dominate others. The endgame must always be peace. In this presentation, we will review the Quran’s war passages in chronological order, as they were revealed in response to unfolding events during the Prophet Mohammad’s mission.

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