The Idea of Peace in the Quran

By • Nov 16th, 2023 • Category: Lectures, Quran Study

Session 33. Since the early days of Islam, Muslims have had different appreciations for Islam’s core message. Some among the companions of the Prophet Mohammad embarked on aggressive wars and empire building. Others turned inward and founded an esoteric tradition known as Sufism. It is amazing how identical religious beliefs and practices inspired diametrically opposed courses of action in early Islam, which has persisted until today. Although the Quran provides some latitude for interpretation, yet a careful study would reveal that it is most concerned with “peace”.  The first revelation to the Prophet Mohammad in the Night of Power was a “peace inducing event” for him (i.e., revelation brought peace to him). The Quran associates paradise with peace; it names paradise “The Abode of Peace”. Hence, “peace” is the highest reward the righteous may attain. The Quran describes God as “peace” (“السَّلَامُ” / al-Salam); so, God’s presence in the world brings peace and tranquility (“سکینه” / Sakina) to the believer’s soul. The earliest vision of peace in the Quran are “personal” and “heavenly”. In this presentation, we will trace the evolution of the idea of peace in the Quran.

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