Philosophy of Du‘ā (دُعا) / supplication

By • Aug 3rd, 2022 • Category: Lectures, Quran Study

Session 22. Du‘ā  (supplication) is a crucial component of all Abrahamic religions. Contrary to the ritual daily prayer (Salat), Du‘ā does not have any particular structure or rules; it can be done in any language, day or night. The ultimate aim of authentic religion is to enable us form a fellowship with God: Du‘ā serves that purpose. In Du‘ā, we share our needs, heartaches, longings and aspirations with God. When we do Du‘ā on regular basis- throughout the day-, we create an inner space that is full of God’s presence. In this presentation, we will explore the philosophy of Du‘ā according to the Holy Quran and Islam’s mystical tradition.

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