Oneness (توحید) – Part 1

By • Jul 1st, 2021 • Category: Quran Study

Session 8: Oneness (توحید) is the central pillar of Islam. Although it is typically viewed as a metaphysical belief in oneness of God, Oneness (توحید) is far more than that: it is a world view and a way of life! It is a lens through which a person should see and experience the outside world. Rumi’s spiritual master, Shams Tabrizi, has summarized the misunderstanding really well:
“گفت: خدا یکی‌ است. گفتم: اکنون ترا چه؟ چون تو نیستی‌، او یکی‌ است. تو کیستی؟ تو، شش هزار بیشی. تو یکتا شو، و گرنه از یکی‌ او، ترا چه حاصل؟” .
“He said: ‘God is One’. I replied: ‘So what? What does it have to do with you!’ Since you are none, He is one! Who are you? You are more than 6 thousand pieces! Strive to become ONE! Otherwise, what would gain by His Oneness!” In this presentation, we will examine the concept of Oneness (توحید) through the verses of the Holy Quran and the teachings of Muslim mystics.

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