Find a Little Light This Holiday Season- Interview with the New York Times

By • Mar 13th, 2021 • Category: Media Coverage

At the end of a tough year, spiritual leaders offer some ways to prepare yourself for whatever comes next.

Hamid Entezam feels especially well-prepared for pandemic life. A practicing Sufi, he is a presenter on a Farsi-language television show about spirituality in Islam called “Partove Noor” (Ray of Light). An important part of Islam, Mr. Entezam said, is perseverance, or sabr in Arabic. Life, he said, is full of suffering and our job is to find the path through it. But that path can be sublime.

“You need to acquire beauty-seeking eyes so you can find beauty in the world. Including in turmoil, tragedies and hardships of life,” he said. “There is still beauty to be seen.”

He said it is that ability that allows poets and artists to recognize and portray the beauty others don’t see. In the same way, there is beauty in your home, friends and co-workers, just waiting to be found.


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