The Path to Inner Perfection

By • Jul 7th, 2013 • Category: Lectures, Mysticism

One of the flaws of the modern materialistic life style is replacement of “perfection” with “progress” in our daily life. “Progress” focuses more on the external dimension of human existence, whereas “perfection” primarily deals with inner growth. Authentic religions and mystic traditions invite us to enrich our soul, and not just to beautify our face but also our character. Rumi argues that the root cause of our fundamental “unhappiness” is our obsession and preoccupation with the “outside”; that is why we spend most of our energy to embellish and decorate our house, furniture, car, professional career and so forth. We are under the illusion that luxurious and conspicuous consumption leads to happiness and fulfillment in life. The starting point for curing our unhappiness is to pay more attention to our inner life. In this lecture, we will explore Rumi’s teachings on inner perfection.

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